What you will discover in the book Demonic Positivism versus the Science of “natural born Citizen”

In Demonic Positivism versus the Science of “natural born Citizen” you will discover:

What the pre-existent basis of Law is:  Why one cannot understand Law or the Constitution without understanding that the basis is the Natural Law, the Laws of Nature.  Discovery of the Laws of Nature is Science, and a Just legal system must be based upon man’s Positive Law acknowledging and protecting the Natural Law rights.

The difference between the legal definition of a King and the legal definition of a President.

The correct real definition of “natural born Citizen”, the claimed offspring of a U.S. citizen father, shows that Obama is not one.  It can be simply understood by examining who inherits citizenship and who must be naturalized.

And that this fundamental issue matters, because to have an occupant of the presidency who has not inherited the natural right of membership in the political society from his or her father is by legal definition to have a Monarchy again.

The principle at the basis of the real definition of “natural born Citizen”, the inheritance of political rights from our fathers, shows that the Gay Marriage Agenda is for engineering the downfall of the Rule of Law.

How I was repeatedly ejected from my sales venues for having private conversations about the illegitimacy of Obama.  How I lost my business because it was no longer safe for me to encounter the ignorant, who use threat of force and arrest, to silence anyone who disagrees with the prevalent baseless opinion that Obama was/is a President.

How I went to Federal Court, twice, to expose that my rights as a natural born Citizen of a Republic have been stripped from me.  I encountered only criminal political activity from the judges who substituted their own opinion in order to dismiss charges against Obama and against the judiciary itself.  They provided ample evidence of their own criminal misconduct in their own Judgement statements.

How I went to England to claim asylum in order to alert the world to the illegitimacy of the American government.  The barristers completely agreed with me, agreed with the correct definition of “natural born Citizen”, and agreed that Obama is not one, but their bosses had another political agenda that betrayed their former treaties to protect the U.S. Republic.

The real message of Jesus, that was hidden and reinterpreted because it threatened monarchs, both kings and popes.  Jesus was an entirely human philosopher who understood the Natural Law to be the basis of Justice and of the Just Rule of Law.

How Jesus exposed the illegitimacy of the Roman Empire that was no longer a Republic because it had eliminated the basis of Justice of the Natural Law, and Jesus exposed the illegitimate tax and money systems which were violently unjustly imposed as a tool of Empire.

How the Founding Fathers understood that opinions must not be allowed to rule the law, and that a Just Rule of Law could only be created by having the basis of the law in the objective scientific reality of Natural Law.

How the divorcing of opinions from the legal system, i.e., the Separation of Church and State, created a Republic instead of a Monarchy.

How, by legal definition, the U.S. Republic has now been overthrown to be ruled by baseless religio-monarchic opinions instead of Law, and therefore has become a monarchy empire once again.

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