Announcing the Book


Hello fellow patriots,

By now, those on my mailing list will have gotten a news release about my book, which many of you had expressed interest in getting once it became published. The title is Demonic Positivism versus The Science of “natural born Citizen”.  It’s now available at the CreateSpace e-Store, and will soon be posted on in the U.S. and in the U.K.

I know you’ve wondered about what happened to me after I went to England seeking political asylum in order to contact other governments to notify them of the illegitimacy of the American government, and see if any of them would accept and act upon the real facts. Well, I suffered a lot to try to bring the truth to light there, and after I was returned to the U.S., I was quite depressed and had to take some time to convalesce from the mental torture I had endured, and so I was unable to update you. It’s quite a long story, and despite how hard it was for me to relive it, I tell about it in my book.

So, after I was somewhat recovered, I decided that the only thing I could do further would be to publish this book that would explain the whole nature of the situation, from the ground up, providing the remedial civics education and science of law, in the context of the entire span of human history, showing that this is the same old problem of how enslaving empire is always seeking to overcome free republics. This book is about the political science of the law that proves that it’s not an opinion that Obama is a monarch, it is a fact by the hard science of law and reality. I show that what had been a hard science of jurisprudence has been skewed and reinterpreted for the purposes of empire, by removing the standard of justice in the Natural Law, the basis of the American Constitution that created a representative self-governing Republic in America.

But I’ve made this science of law easily accessible to the average reader, because the Constitution was meant to be understood in terms of common sense, the sense that rational people have for whether they are enslaved or free to have self-determination. I simply provide the facts to support the feeling that most everyone has that something is terribly wrong with the U.S. government. I’ve shown that the facts about “natural born Citizen” are as easy to understand as the simple question, “Are those your natural born children or are they adopted?” And I provide a plan to really make a difference with this book as a concise education for those who are ignorant of the scientific facts that define the law, who might wake up if they just got the real facts to disperse the false hype. Now is the time that you can really make a difference, I’ve given you the tool.

This book also gives a lot more, it shows the development of the philosophy of freedom throughout the ages. It outlines the ‘real history’ that gives perspective on our modern catastrophe, from ancient times, in fact, the times of Jesus under the Roman Empire, through to the Middle Ages, the Age of Kings and the power of the Roman Church, and then the Age of Reason and Enlightenment that sought to free mankind from the dominion of those monarchs, which produced the American Republic and the U.S. Constitution based upon the principles of the Natural Law of Nature and Nature’s God, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. And then up to the 20th Century problems with Nazism, and onward to the past few decades that we’ve lived through with the increasing monarchism under the Bush family dynasty, and now in the present with the complete overthrow of the Constitution under the legally-defined King Obama.

All of those Ages were critical junctures of mankind’s choice to be free or to rise up to overcome enslavement. Another one of those critical times is upon us now. This book can provide you with the tools of empowerment for effective action, you have only to read it to understand what to do.

Buy the book at the book website Demonic Positivism