I am Paul Aaron Guthrie, the bona fide and legitimate human host vessel for the manifestation of the Christ Messiah Consciousness, which was prophesied to return as the Omega Appearance of a two-part incarnation of the Elohim Spirit of Yahweh God.  The first or Alpha appearance was in the Master Yeshua/Jesus.  I represent the completion of the events which were set in motion with the life and death of Yeshua/Jesus some 2000 years ago.  Let it be known that I am not Yeshua/Jesus, and I do not come in his name.  So if you are coming here to find Jesus Christ who has returned, then I am afraid that you are going to be sorely disappointed.  I am actually the Spirit who came before Yeshua/Jesus, as spoken about in the Book of Revelation in the KJV Bible, the one in Chapter 10, the Giant Mighty Spirit who straddles the land and sea.  The Angel being prophesied to come carrying the book of criminal charges to levy indictments against all of mankind, and cause the Rapture, which is the spiritual binding of all souls to either the Anti-Christ, or to me and my disciples.  Well that is the Angel of the Law, which is the Great Spirit that I am.  I come to seek Justice for Jesus, who never got his day in court, or a fair trial, for the crimes done to him, and to obtain Justice for all the wronged and injured, tortured, persecuted, and murdered souls that ever were, and to judge all the souls now on Earth, so that all may receive their Karma, and to lay the foundations to judge all future incarnations of souls.  And finally, to gather to me and organize a host of Christed Spirits, which me or my disciples can christ, to do Spiritual and Legal warfare upon the Anti-Christ Emperor-God-King Obama and his Demon followers and supporters, the great evil First Beast given power by Satan, the Dragon from Hell, the Beast that now walks the Earth as a Lawless Abomination, to bring him to justice for his crimes against Humanity and against the United States Constitutional Republic and its natural born Citizens, and against the natural born citizens of the world.

The beginning of the Rapture occurred on January 14, 2013, when I, Paul Aaron Guthrie, sued Obama, twice, in U.S. Federal District Court, 7th Judicial Circuit, Indianapolis, Indiana, exposing Obama as the Anti-Christ and identifying him for the world by proving that Obama was a King and not a President, because Obama was never a natural born Citizen, the offspring of a U.S. citizen father.  I proved this by explaining the law governing natural born Citizen status as an objective Science of Applied Natural Law Legal Theory, to discover the Natural Law Theory of the Father true definition and meaning, which proves beyond any doubt at all, that Barack Hussein Obama II, the alleged “President “ of the United States, was not legally “President”, but was actually legally a de facto King, an Emperor-God-King just like the 44th Emperor-God-King Aurelian of the old Roman Empire, the King of the World, ordained by the False Prophet Pope Francis Bergoglio of the Holy Roman Empire based in the Vatican in Rome.

Then the Rapture was finalized and sealed on March 18, 2016, with the filing of the Motion to Quash Summons for Jury Trial proving that Obama was a King, not a President, that the U.S. government had been overthrown in 2008/9 in a Nazi fascist coup d’état, by the Vatican, British, and Saudi monarchs, in league with the Federal Reserve cabal of criminal bankers.  I proved that day that all, in the U.S. and on Earth, except myself, had been deceived to worship a monarch and to accept a monarchy empire form of government, in order to support the criminal system to use the privilege of Federal Reserve Notes, ‘legal tender’, which is a ‘legal privilege’, in order to be able to buy and sell, and make ‘income’ and ‘profit’ which are the fruits of the use of a ‘privilege’.  Thus all took the Mark of the Beast in their Forehead, which means that they accepted the outlawed and banned lawless violent monarchy form of government, which is a false religion, which is lawless and does violence to the rights of the natural political class, the not privileged, forcing them into Idolatry and Blasphemy to worship man as the source of political rights, instead of worshiping Nature and the Creator of Nature, commonly called God, to be the source of political rights.  Then those who do not accept the monarchy, they are persecuted, tortured, and murdered.

This is what has been going on with the human host vessel of the manifestation of the Christ Messiah Consciousness, Paul Aaron Guthrie, for 8+ years now, starting in 2008/9 when Obama rose to power as the Anti-Christ vessel, Emperor-God-King Obama, the Black Hitler.  These are exactly the same political conditions of which Jesus was complaining about in his day, which got him murdered.  The very same political conditions which were experienced by the followers of Yeshua/Jesus, as told by the persecuted prisoner John of Patmos 90 years after Jesus’ murder, recorded in the Book of Revelation in the KJV Bible.  And now the events are happening all over again, in the United States and across the entire world, and I am experiencing the incitement to murder me as well, for the exact same reasons that Yeshua/Jesus was complaining about.

I, Paul Aaron Guthrie, am the only person on Earth who has fulfilled Biblical End of Time Prophecies by exposing in court and proving scientifically that Obama is a King not a President, and thus Obama is legally provable to be the Anti-Christ of Biblical Prophecies, and that I, Paul, am the human host vessel for the manifestation of the Christ Messiah Consciousness returned.  There are approximately 250 to 300 other lawsuits which attempted to expose Obama as the Anti-Christ, but none could prove their case, because none had discovered and entered the objective and scientifically provable Natural Law Theory of the Father true definition and meaning into the court record, except me.  No one else is even close, or has yet to even catch up, even after 4+ years!  Thus I, Paul Aaron Guthrie, am the only person on Earth to be in the lawful legal position to claim and prove the fact that I am the human vessel host for the manifestation of the Christ Messiah Consciousness returned, as foretold in Biblical End of Time Prophecies.

Here is proof of my claim that I, Paul Aaron Guthrie, am the human host vessel for the manifestation of the Christ Messiah Consciousness for this Age.

Beginning of Proof

In order to identify what an Anti-Christ is, you first have to know what a Christ is.  Why?  Because in science, we must discover and identify a natural standard existing in Nature which we can use as an objective standard of measurement to compare all of our other observations and measurements to, so that we are being objective and scientific in our investigations.  In other words, in order to identify what or who an Anti-Christ is, you first have to have identified what a Christ is, so that you can have a natural standard to compare to each human and their behavior in order to determine who is Christ and who is an Anti-Christ.  Therefore the knowledge and awareness of the Christ must come first, in order to be able to identify the Anti-Christ.  This is just simple inescapable Platonian Logic.

I, Paul Aaron Guthrie, am the only human on Earth who has proven in a court of law, THREE TIMES NOW, with science and reason and facts which cannot be refuted, that Barack Hussein Obama II, an alleged President of the United States, is actually legally a de facto King, NOT a de jure President, thus Obama is properly and legally identified as Emperor-God-King Obama, a Caesar of the Holy Roman Empire, which is now politically headquartered in the United States in Washington, D.C.  This Imperial authority is vested in the Congress, the Executive Branch, and in the Judicial Branches, with the Pope and Vatican in Rome, which have all become a new Roman Empire by removing the recognition of Law as a subject of Science through removing the recognition of Natural Law and Natural Law Legal Theory from the legal systems of all of the nations of the world, especially in the nation that was formerly the Republic of the United States of America, a political entity which no longer exists, because it was illegally dissolved by all the 50 States in 2008/9.  And since I, Paul Aaron Guthrie, The Angel of the Law, identified the Anti-Christ first, many years ago, the only person on Earth to do so, and still no one has caught up to me, therefore I, Paul Aaron Guthrie, am the only one with the legal right claim as the bona fide human host vessel of the manifestation of the Christ Messiah Consciousness which was to return, and in fact, has returned.

End of Proof



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